AttackTree: Custom SaaS Edition

Custom SaaS Edition

In addition to the wide range of capabilities of the Free SaaS Edition, the Custom SaaS Edition offers the following features:

Exclusive Environment & Access Restrictions

  • Dedicated managed cloud-based instance, fully isolated, accessible via your domain.
  • Option to choose from AWS, Azure, GCP, Telekom, IONOS (plus others on request) as cloud provider and also specify the region.
  • Additional security options like VPN-only, Client-Certificate, or IP-filtered access.

Advanced Customization Possibilities

  • Extensive template customizations, including attack and control proposals as well as subtrees.
  • Compliance checklist customizations to meet your organization’s requirements and document coverage by controls.
  • Fully customizable interactive wizard to create a draft attack tree based on technical answers by your teams.
  • Custom report templates to meet formal requirements and internal layouts.

Template Update Feed & Enhancement of the Optional AI

  • Regularly updated specialized templates and controls feed (e.g., Cloud, Web, APIs, Container).
  • In case the optional AI is enabled: Possibility to use your own AI API key for tailored AI assistance to use custom knowledge content, define custom prompts, etc.

Backend Integration with Jira, Git & Co

  • Flexible backend integrations with tools like Jira for control status synchronization.
  • Coming soon: Optional model persistence options like Git or local persistence.

Coaching & Support

  • Live kickstart workshop to get you up and running quickly.
  • Ongoing video tutorials to help your teams get the most out of the platform.
  • Priority support for all your queries.

Early Access to Upcoming Features

  • Gain early access to cutting-edge functions like the upcoming Asset Management feature, allowing you to map attack goals to their impact on data and technical assets, complete with dataflow visualization.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Threagile and OTM import for streamlined integration and enhanced threat modeling capabilities populating data and technical assets as well as dataflows.

Custom Development Packages

  • Special-priced custom development packages to get your individual requests for enhancements implemented in short timeframes.

Interested in your organization’s individual quote? Let’s talk.