AttackTree: Self-Hosted Edition

Self-Hosted Edition

Building upon the comprehensive functionalities of the Custom SaaS Edition, the Self-Hosted Edition offers the following additional properties, key to the most demanding use cases and highly sensitive or regulated environments:

  • All Custom SaaS Features: All features of the Custom SaaS Edition included.

  • Self-Hosting Option: Fully offline capable, even for air-gapped environments.

  • Enhanced Backend Connectivity: Deeper integration options including Jira, Git, 3rd-party system modeling tools, local persistence, and integration with custom in-house AI models.

  • Source Code Inspection: On-demand ability to inspect source code for the purpose of conducting internal security audits. This ability is crucial for organizations in regulated sectors such as finance, healthcare, aviation, defense, and government, ensuring compliance with industry standards and enhanced security in sensitive environments.

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