Threagile: Support Subscription

Enterprise-Scale Threat Modeling

Enhance your use of the open-source Threagile toolkit with this comprehensive commercial support subscription, straight from its creator. Designed to provide you with expert guidance and priority assistance, this support package ensures you get the most out of the Agile Threat Modeling Toolkit, tailored to meet your organization’s unique security needs.

What’s Included:

  • Installation Support: For on-premise deployments, I will assist you with the installation process to ensure a smooth setup and integration of Threagile into your existing environment.
  • Configuration & Customization: Receive expert guidance on configuring Threagile to meet your specific requirements and optimize the toolkit for your threat modeling activities.
  • Risk Rule Development: Get help creating custom risk rules that match your unique technology stack and compliance requirements.
  • Report Customization: Get individual report templates that meet your internal and external reporting standards, ensuring clarity and compliance.
  • Questions and Issues Support: Get your questions answered quickly and resolve any issues you encounter, ensuring a smooth threat modeling experience for your teams.
  • Priority for Feature Requests: Subscribers receive priority consideration for new feature requests, influencing the future development of Threagile based on your needs.
  • Usage Kickoff Workshop: Take the first step in scaling Threagile across your organization with a comprehensive kickoff workshop. This session covers best practices, usage guidelines, and documentation to help your team hit the ground running.
  • Documentation Videos: Access a library of in-depth video tutorials covering installation, configuration, customization, and advanced use of Threagile, including introductory videos for on-boarding new team members and scaling threat modeling across your enterprise.
  • And more… The support package is designed to grow with your needs, providing additional services and updates to keep your threat modeling activities efficient and effective. This includes access to external pentest and security review reports, as well as SBOMs to meet internal requirements for running software components on-premises.

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